It is critical for scientists to communicate results and ignite excitement.  The network-wide training in “communication toolkits” within ICEBIO will explore the ways ICEBIO can take its results out of the ivory tower and into homes, schools, and private sector boardrooms. Life on glaciers and ice sheets captivates the public imagination because of its links to climate change, sustainability of life during the Snowball Earth period, connections to possible life on other extraterrestrial cold bodies, as well as practical aspects, such as the biotechnological potential of the use of cold adapted organisms in the new green revolution.

ICEBIO DCs will become Marie Curie Ambassadors in schools and the wider community, conducting outreach activities (talks and hands-on demonstrations), as well as writing articles in clear, accessible language with interesting graphics to inform the general public, school children, interest groups, policy makers, the media, stakeholders, and potential end users.  As ICEBIO fellows engage in Outreach activities, details will be provided here. 

12 September 2023

DC8 Silje Waller Pedersen discusses the ICEBIO project, the kickoff training event, glacial microbiology and climate change with singer and songwriter Lauren from the Berry (https://theberry.bandcamp.com/track/nirvana) during a layover at Frankfurt airport on September 12.  Silje also showed Lauren a video taken during the ICEBIO glacier field safety training day.